Couples spend an enormous amount of time and money picking out their wedding flowers. Believe me I was one of them. After spending all this time and money, I wanted to find a way to preserve my wedding bouquet.

But none of the options on the market appealed to me; pressed and dried flowers didn’t appeal to me. So I decided to draw my own bouquet.

That is when I realised I could offer other couples bouquet preservation in the form of Fine Art coloured pencil drawings.Fine Art Bouquet Preservation offers a modern and unique approach to preserving your wedding flowers compare to more ‘traditional’ methods.

Benefits of Fine Art Bouquet Preservation:

  • I work from photos. This means you don’t need to send me your flowers
  • I can draw photos from years ago, meaning Fine Art Bouquet Preservation can be gifted years after a wedding
  • No more preserving bruised and wilted flowers, I capture them at their best and most vibrant

Using your photos I can create an original piece of art you can treasure for a lifetime.

Got an idea for a commission?

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