Emma Bennett Art

Preserving Memories in Color Pencil

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Up your flower gifting game or amp up the impact of your wedding flowers by learning more about what secrets your flowers hold!

Flowers are often chosen for their visual appeal, but they also hold so many hidden meanings.

In my free guide “The Language of Flowers”, you will learn:

  • What is Floriography?
  • What do different flowers mean
  • What different colors represent
  • How to read a bouquet and unravel the story it tells

Whether gifting a loved one a beautiful bunch of flowers, choosing your wedding flowers, or picking new blooms for your garden, why not tell a story with them?!

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Who am I?
Hi! My name is Emma. I am a color pencil artist who specialises in creating Botanical and Floral artwork.
I LOVE what I do, especially being able to share my passion for all things botanical with you.